Hurricane Jeanne Videos

Saturday, 25 September 2004, to Monday, 27 September 2004
Daytona Beach Shores, Florida

Before the Storm, Saturday, 25 September
  • The beach at low tide. Normally at low tide, there's about 1/4 mile of beach there. This is a long pan around that starts and ends at looking up from the beach to the beach ramp at the end of our street. Some of the Frances beach videos were shot from this same place. (37 sec., 3.2 MB)
  • The beach at high tide. Here Mack and our dog, Ursa, at the beach ramp yesterday evening at high tide. The entire beach is covered with water. (8 sec., 0.7 MB)
  • The beach at high tide. Another shot just a few moments later. Again, water pouring up into the beach ramp. (21 sec., 1.9 MB)
During the Storm, Sunday, 26 September
  • Wind and rain. Probably sustained winds at 40-50 MPH with gusts higher. These are basically tropical storm conditions, not hurricane ones, so, once again, we were lucky. This is from the upstairs apartment that our neighbor Patty had just moved out of. (30 sec., 2.6 MB)
  • More wind and rain. The same shooting location, just a few moments later. (34 sec., 3.0 MB)
The Day After: Monday, 27 September
  • The beach, scoured. There's about two or three feet less beach there than on Saturday, the 25th, and Saturday's beach was already lower than a couple of months ago thanks to Charley and Frances. (34 sec., 3.0 MB):