Devils Tower National Monument (9 June 2005)

It was raining when I left Deadwood. The photo album linked to below has a couple of pics of Deadwood's Main Street. Deadwood was fun: Not big like Vegas, but you could still walk from casino to casino (unlike "riverboat" or "reservation" gambling).

It rained most of the way to Devils Tower National Monument in northeast Wyoming, but it did quit right before I got there. Still, it was partly cloudy the entire time, so the lighting for the photos kept changing.

I spent several hours there, walking the trail around the base. Every few steps, the view changes, so there are many pictures in the set below. At this point I really can't pick out the one that captures Devils Tower: in fact, it took the entire walk around for me to get a sense of what the place was like. So, below is 58 pictures of or around Devils Tower (plus two of Deadwood). If you think one is particularly appealing, let me know!

Thursday afternoon and evening I drove back to Denver, much of it in the rain. (They've had lots of rain out there this year, so everything, as you have seen from the pictures, was green and growing.)