Badlands National Park (8 June 2005)

Besides the usual Photoshop-Elements-generated photo album (link below), I've made some 360-degree (or nearly-360-degree) panoramic shots using the Photomerge feature of Photoshop Elements. Some of these are a little off, because the exposure from one photo to the next changed. (Exposure control is one feature of making these panoramoic shots I need to improve on. Another is making a variety of sizes of images, with one linking to the other, so you can see the pictures at various resolutions. I may go back and do that in the near future, but not right now.)

There are some 3:1 panoramic shots in the photo albums. These here are all 960 pixels wide.

Badlands National Park was an incredibly dramatic place to visit. I can strongly recommend that anyone remotely thinking about going there ought to do it.